We are  Oklahoma's First Motobrand!



My name is T.J.

I started Talimena Outfitters for several reasons. 

Day in and day out I watch motorcycles rolling through Talihina. There's not much better riding in the US, than the Talimena National Scenic Byway. 

No where did I see any  shirts or caps that would relay to the world that "I rode Talimena".

I hung on the idea of a company that would represent those people that love the same things I do.

Thats where other people come in. I work hand in hand with families and individuals in recovery. I believe in second, third, and however many chances it takes to get it right.

The addiction problem in our rural communities is a real thing, and I have hope, that by one person at time, we can make a difference.

I needed to find a way to help local families out whenever unexpected expenses pop up. I believe in working for a days wage and not burdening the community for donations all the time. So, in an effort to make a positive influence on the Oklahoma/Arkansas motorcycle community, and raising money, I find myself here.

I’m working hard to come up with designs on cool clothes that cool people want to wear. 

Every purchase you make from us goes to help us spread that love. This fall, looks to be a good time for us,as we develop more items for other people that enjoys these mountains, not just motorcyclists.

Thanks for your support.